Versatile Tire Handlers

Hyster has introduced a series of tire handling trucks for demanding applications in mining and other heavy industries. In association with Greenfield Products and Iowa Mold Tooling, Hyster now offers 21 tire handler configurations ranging from 5,000 to 36,000 lb (2,270 to 16,300 kg) of weight capacity on Hyster H120FT through H700HDS trucks, designed to handle tire diameters up to 164 in., and available in a number of integral models for dedicated tire handling, as well as hang-on quick-connect options for flexible transition between forklift and tire handler modes.

According to the company, the tire handlers are designed for excellent allaround visibility of tire grab pads and fallback arms while providing enhanced rearward visibility. Optimized flow settings with fully calibrated hydraulics provide greater handling performance and controlled, predictable mounting of the wheel. When moving tires, the two-stage mast offers exceptional visibility and easy viewing of the handling application.

Designed for optimum performance, the tire handler attachments feature grab pads that firmly grip the tire in the required position for changing. Hydraulically actuated fallback arm protection is standard on most models for safe handling of tires in the horizontal position, while in park. The trucks also offer a minimized turning radius—a valuable benefit for operations with tight work spaces. All models are designed to be “plug-and-play” for easy onsite installation and assembly at the customer site.

As featured in Womp 2015 Vol 01 -