Drill/Blast Software Adds Cost-cutting Tools

Maptek says the latest release of its BlastLogic drill and blast accuracy management system can help to reduce costs for mining operations. BlastLogic Version 2.0 adds tie up tools, blast modeling and inventory management. With tie up tools, users can quickly create and compare multiple design scenarios. BlastLogic 2.0 directly targets fragmentation, vibration and overpressure issues, providing blast modeling previews to help determine if the design will produce the desired outcome. Inventory management is linked to blast results; a site catalogue tracks and reconciles explosives received, dispatched and used. BlastLogic supports blast-by-blast analytics, allowing comparison of blasts across the mine to correlate design, execution and results. The performance can be analyzed to ensure that every aspect of the drill and blast process is fine-tuned to reduce costs in downstream processing and continuously improve overall mine productivity, according to Maptek. www.maptek.com

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 12 - www.womp-int.com