Bolter for Small Underground Spaces

Atlas Copco’s fully mechanized Boltec S bolter is a compact unit suited to work in smaller tunnels and mines. The mechanized rock bolting rig can be used to place 5- to 8-ft (1.5- to 2.4-m) bolts in areas with roof heights from 9 to 25 ft. Using Atlas Copco’s Rig Control System (RCS), the Boltec S is designed for repeatable precision and efficiency while positioning, drilling and bolting.

Operators control all drilling and bolting functions with just two multifunctional levers on a single operating panel. The Boltec S is mounted on an articulated four-wheel drive carrier powered by a 4-cylinder, EPA Tier 3 diesel engine. The single tripod suspension of the BUT 32 heavyduty hydraulic boom provides support for smooth boom control for accurate drilling and bolting in any direction. Rated capacity of the rig’s Atlas Copco compressor at 5,400 rpm is 42 cfm at 101 psi. A new resin injection steering system, also controlled from the operator panel, loads resin or cement grout cartridges into a pre-drilled hole easier, without having to move the entire bolting unit.

With a feed dead length of only 3 ft 7 in. (109 cm) and a low cabin, Atlas Copco claims the Boltec S has the best operating height in its class for restricted working areas in tunnels and mines. Customers have the choice of equipping the bolter with either an Atlas Copco COP 1132 or COP 1435 hydraulic rock drill.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 12 -