Heavy-duty Starter Motor for Large Engines

Bosch’s Starter Motors and Generators division, recognizing that large-displacement engines place great demands on starters, has a new addition to its 24-volt starter motor portfolio: the HEF109-L large heavy-duty starter motor for off-highway applications. The powerful starter motor is claimed to generate 18% more power than the company’s M (medium) type starter motor on which it is based, and delivers a maximum output of 9.2 kW. This is enough to reliably start engines with up to 28-liter displacement. The company described the new starter as an excellent choice for particularly large engines that previously have been difficult to start with single starter-motor configurations. This more powerful single-starter solution makes a more complex parallel-starter system unnecessary. The technology is designed to achieve a mileage of up to 14,000 operating hours in off-highway applications. The design of the HEF109-L is especially compact, making it particularly suitable for applications where installation space in the engine compartment is limited. High thermal robustness ensures reliable starting of large engines even at very low ambient temperatures or in extended starting sequences.

For applications involving even larger displacement engines, Bosch offers parallel starting systems employing the newly developed starter; diesel engines with displacements of up to 84 liters and gas-powered engines with displacements of up to 168 liters can be started reliably under normal conditions. www.bosch.co.uk

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 11 - www.womp-int.com