Personnel De-duster Unit Gets an Upgrade

ACI reported that its JetBlack blower-powered personnel de-dusting unit has been upgraded. The new unit is more compact yet has a greater air output without any increase in energy consumption, and incorporates reconfiguration of the previous model’s internals, resulting in enhanced air flow to give 10% greater output (2.75 psig) with a reduction in overall size. The new model, according to the supplier, is safe and economical to run, because it delivers a high volume of air at low pressure it can be used even against exposed skin—which can be dangerous with high-pressure compressed air. The standard hose length on the wall-mounted unit is 142 cm (56 in.), with noise levels below 78 db(A). A spare filter is included with each new unit, and filter access is now easier. The JetBlack outlet nozzle can be fitted with an optional chip guard.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 07 -