Mine-duty Cable Couplers Install Faster, Perform Better

TE Connectivity announced the availability of its high-performance Raychem mining couplers, designed for easier and faster installation and better performance. These couplers feature range-taking, IP68H-rated cable entry seals that can be visually inspected, and range-taking shear bolt connectors requiring just two sizes to cover No. 6 AWG to 500 MCM cables. Shear heads ensure that the correct torque is applied to each bolt for optimal contact force. Raychem couplers feature internal phase-to-phase ground barriers to avoid high-energy, potentially explosive phase-tophase faults. Enhanced electrical performance is achieved with high-strength, impact-resistant insulators with Raychem proprietary ZnO stress grading terminations. All are backed with Guroflex MV cold pour filling compound. Available in 8 kV / 400 A and 15 kV / 500 A ratings, Raychem mining couplers also feature individually replaceable insulators and three-bolt quick-flip closure with padlock capability. They can be easily rebuilt and come readyto-use with a closing tool for one-person operations. Customers may also add features such as color powder coating, fiber optics provisioning and other options to create the ideal coupler for their specific mining needs. The ruggedized couplers are compatible with other products, making them highly flexible and interchangeable.


As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 07 - www.womp-int.com