New System Completely Seals Conveyor Load Zone

ASGCO’s new Pro-Zone is a patent-pending, conveyor belt load-zone system that optimizes sealing for air/dust tightness on the receiving conveyor belt. This skirtless, fully self-contained system includes the company’s Slide-N-Roll beds, removable slide-out UHMW and steel side supports and center rolls. Side guards, internal splash sealing system, dust curtains and angled hoods (aluminum or steel) completely enclose the entire system. Among the system’s claimed advantages are increased productivity and longer conveyor belt life because the completely sealed load zone helps eliminate material turbulence and conveyor belt cover abrasion; lower maintenance costs by having a fully contained system that needs no adjustments of metal skirt-boards or rubber skirting adjustments; and a modular design that allows installation in any combination of 4-ft (1,200-mm) or 5-ft (1,500-mm) lengths to completely cover the load zone area. Quickly removable dust hoods, slideout side sections, and removable center rolls aid in the installation and maintenance of the system.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 04 -