Robots for Extreme Mining Conditions

Brokk recently unveiled new 800-series demolition machines. Its 800S is built for extreme tunneling, mining and construction work, and the 800P is for hot ladle, converter cleaning or refractory renovations. The 800S features Brokk’s signature three-arm system, and offers a maximum reach of nearly 30 ft (9.1 m). When equipped with the Atlas Copco MB 1000 breaker, the Brokk 800 robots produce 1,500 ft-lb of force at the tip of the tool, nearly twice the hitting power of Brokk’s 400. Brokk specially designed the 800P with added heat protection for use in challenging process applications. It includes an extra-durable, heat-protected SB302 hydraulic breaker to work with hot ladles, runners and furnaces, and the machine delivers 450 ft-lb of force at the tip of the solid-body hammer. The Brokk 800P’s three-arm system rotates 360° and can reach out to 31.5 ft. The machines are powered by 60-hp (45-kW) electric motors. The Brokk 800S weighs 24,310 lb (11,000 kg) excluding attachments, and the 800P weighs 24,838 lb without attachments. Both are able to carry attachments up to 2,465 lb (1,118 kg), including beam grapples, buckets, drilling equipment and shotcrete units.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 04 -