Scalers Can Maneuver in Tight Spaces

NPK Construction Equipment announced that it will begin marketing Paus scaling machines in the U.S.—primarily Paus’ model 853 S8 and 1253 S10 scalers equipped with NPK’s GH-2S tunneling hammers. According to Germany-based Paus, the 853 S8 and 1253 S10 are a new breed of scaler, designed and built for lower ceilings and narrower spaces underground without sacrificing operator safety. The scalers offer articulated steering, combined with a pivoting boom to give the operator nearly limitless maneuverability at the face. Hydrostatic drive is standard equipment on both machines. The 853 scaler, with hammer, has a maximum vertical reach of 26 ft (8 m) while the 1253 has a maximum reach of 32 ft (9.75 m) with hammer. With the telescopic boom, fully guarded cab, and ROPS/FOPS, the operator is positioned to allow full view of the work face, but at a safe distance from falling rock. Both scalers are available with options such as radio control, automatic hammer and scaler lubrication, dust suppression via air and water, closed cab, heated and or air conditioned cab, and reverse “flight” mode in case of an emergency.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 04 -