New Articulated Dump Truck is Tier 4 Final Certified

Komatsu America’s new HM300 articulated dump truck, powered by a 325-hp (242-kW) Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine that is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified, carries a 30.9-ton (28-mt) payload and has a gross vehicle weight of 117,881 lb (53,470 kg). The engine uses an advanced electronic control system to manage the air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters, and aftertreatment functions to optimize performance, reduce emissions, and provide advanced diagnostic capability. This control system is also integrated into the machine’s onboard diagnostics systems and KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s standard telematics system. Body design optimization gives the unit increased body capacity and payload. Its 9-ft 2-in. (2,820-mm) loading height matches with 30-ton to 60-ton hydraulic excavators or 5-yd 3to 7.5-yd 3 wheel loaders. Two single-staged body lift cylinders provide a 70° dump angle. The HM300 features the Komatsu Traction Control System (K-TCS) and K-ATOMiCS—Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System. The ROPS/FOPS Level 2 certified cab features a new designed rounded front dash panel with easy to reach switches. A high resolution 7-in. LCD monitor offers enhanced capabilities and displays information in 25 languages for global support. Through the monitor, the operator can modify settings for items such as Auto Idle Shutdown, check operational records, or see when the next maintenance event is due. The HM300 also provides easier service access, increased cooling capacity, and two standard hydraulically driven autoreversing fans to help keep the radiator and charge air cooler clean. It is equipped with the exclusive Komatsu EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which has enhanced diagnostic features that give the operator and technicians greater monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 04 -