Air Filters for Off-road Applications

Donaldson Co. Inc. released more than 50 Donaldson Endurance air filter sizes that are now available for off-road applications. Manufactured using Donaldson’s Ultra-Web nanofiber technology, these air filters help reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment uptime in off-road applications.

Donaldson Endurance air filters protect engines and help them last longer by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media, the company said. Off-road customers will experience the following advantages:

• Ultra-long filter life. With the use of Ultra-Web nanofiber technology, submicron contaminants load on the surface of the filter media instead of dispersing throughout the depth of the filter where there is less area for air to flow. This high dust-holding capacity promotes longer filter life.

• Ultra-high efficiency and ultra-engine protection. Donaldson Endurance air filters reach 99.97% efficiency quicker than conventional cellulose filters and have an overall efficiency up to 99.99%. As a result, Ultra-Web filters for off-road equipment provide improved engine protection and can deliver increased power and lower life cycle costs.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 03 -