Software Solution for Efficient Mine Planning

Minemax Planner, according to the vendor, takes advantage of the latest advances in computing hardware and modern pit optimization algorithms. The all-new software solution is described as a fast, easy-to-use tool that enables producers to quickly understand the potential value of projects with minimum time investment. It guides mine planners from a block model through pit optimization, nested shells and pushbacks to NPV optimal schedules, rapidly developing optimal strategies for even the largest of models. Planner employs a highperformance algorithm that generates the same pit shells as Lerchs-Grossman (LG) but in a fraction of the time. With a 64-bit architecture, it is able to handle extremely large block models numbering tens of millions of blocks. The user-interface, which is based on Microsoft’s Metro UI and is similar to that of Minemax Scheduler 6, employs step-by-step pre-defined workflows and context-sensitive reports that make it easy for new users to import models, set parameters, optimize and analyze. Powerful and interactive 3-D technology gives a mine planner instant feedback regarding practical mineability at each step of the process. A number of editions will be available to cater to the specific needs of mine planners from standard shell generation and sensitivity analysis to integrated NPV schedule optimization.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 03 -