Wheel Loader Built for Mine Duty

Case Construction Equipment’s new 1221F loader is the newest and largest model in the company’s F Series wheel loader line. Designed with an 11.9-liter, Tier 4 Interim-certified engine that delivers up to 355 hp (265 kW), the 1221F is built for heavy earthmoving and loading applications such as those encountered in mining operations. Enhancements to the engine and transmission at maximum travel speed allow for increases in productivity of at least 18% and fuel efficiency of at least 8%, according to the company.

The 1221F has an operating weight of 66,800 lb (30,300 kg) and comes with a range of buckets from 6.3 to 7.8 yd 3. With a 6.8-yd 3bucket, breakout force is 55,730 lb. The machine is available in standard Zbar and extended-reach (XR) configurations. Additional highlights include:

• Four programmable power modes to save fuel and increase available power. A dual-mode shutdown feature helps maximize fuel economy and monitor vital engine components.

• Standard four-speed transmission with manual kick-down for maximum traction, as well as superior bucket penetration. Also available is a five-speed transmission with a lockup torque converter, open-differential axles and advanced system programming for additional fuel savings.

• Open rear-axle and locking front-axle for outstanding traction.

• Excellent operator safety and productivity, including a larger cab; a full glass door; an unobstructed view to both edges of the bucket and a sloping hood that provides clear vision to the rear; a quiet cab with a 73 decibel rating; a dual air filtration system for cleaner air; a fully adjustable, heated and cloth-covered air-suspension seat; ergonomically positioned controls with optional joystick steering; and a rear-view, wide-angle camera with an adjustable color monitor.

• A new coupler system that pulls the bucket closer to the machine for enhanced breakout force. It also includes the SmartFit bucket tooth system that provides stronger, more durable teeth and adapters, and hammerless reusable locking pins to improve digging performance.

• Easily accessible daily service points and drain valves. The fuel fill point, cooling fan, and radiator assembly have also been moved to ensure effective cleanouts and eliminate downtime.


As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 03 - www.womp-int.com