Mechel Upgrades Port Posiet

Russian coal mining company Mechel is testing a new coal terminal, Port Posiet, in Russia’s Primorye region. A $128 million port upgrade will enable the company to significantly enhance Asia-Pacific exports; industrial operation will begin in Q2 2014.

The first stage includes revamping cargo turnover provisions up to 7 million mt/y. The upgrade allow the port to load 28,000 mt/d of coal. The equipment was provided by ThyssenKrupp AG, which is overseeing start-up and commissioning.

The second stage includes construction of a deep-water berth and bottom dredging of the approach channel for Panamax-type vessels of up to 60,000-mt cargo capacity; Primorye borders China and North Korea and faces the Sea of Japan.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 03 -