New All-Terrain Crane for Grupo Mexico Mine

This Terex AC 350/6 all-terrain crane was put into service recently at Grupo Mexico’s
Buenavista DelCobre (Cananea) mine in Sonora, Mexico.
Grupo Mexico has taken delivery of its first Terex AC 350/6 all-terrain crane. Supplied by Megamak, the regional Terex cranes distributor, the unit is now on site at the company’s Buenavista Del Cobre (Cananea) mine in Sonora, Mexico, where it is being used to move and maintain heavy mining equipment such as crushers, screens, drilling machines and trucks.

The six-axle crane has a main boom length of 64 m, maximum system length of 126 m, is rated at 350-ton capacity and is fitted with the Terex lC-1 control system delivering intuitive operation via a touch screen interface.

Grupo Mexico operations manager Ing. Armando Juarez said, “Rather than hiring each time, we wanted our own crane for more control and flexibility. The AC 350/6 means we can respond quickly and effectively to the day-to-day demands of the business.”

Terex describes the AC 350/6 as one of the most compact sixaxle all-terrain cranes in the 350-t (400-short ton) capacity class currently available on the market, offering exceptional lifting capacity and operator safety. Featuring a state-of-the-art fall arrest system for safe access during work at height and Terex’s Easy Luffing Jib Rigging System, the crane is designed for fast, easy rigging, according to the company.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 02 -