Geological Modeling Software Speeds Workflow

Aranz Geo, developer of Leapfrog 3-D geological modeling software, has released Leapfrog Geo 1.4, described as a major advance to their workflow-based solution for modeling geology and mineralization. According to the company, users now can model more geologies, draw curved polylines, perform vein modeling with pinch-out, and further refine models for even better realism and understanding. Advanced generic tools and workflows allow the user to easily develop their ideas for more modeling freedom. This, when combined with the increased functionality, delivers smoother, better and faster conceptualizing, visualizing and analysis. Smarter processing and optimized performance of structural trends and geological models yield results up to 10 times faster. Users can create a more refined and intricate sub-model within a geological model. Multiple complex domains can be integrated. The ability to control model output with full command of surfaces increases flexibility. Users can draw continuous spline-style polylines and apply to any surface and readily incorporate surface tangent data in polylines edits—ideal for modeling folded geologies. Aranz said Leapfrog Geo’s top-down workflow approach is ideal for developing multiple models and ultimately reducing risk. Users can rapidly construct multiple models that consider multiple hypotheses, tested against multiple futures for more realistic, sophisticated and robust evaluation. New information is quickly and dynamically added, keeping models up-to-date. The self-documenting approach facilitates easy collaboration, checking and auditing.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 02 -