Crawler Transporters Move Ulta-heavy Mine Equipment

Tenova Takraf said its custom-engineered transport crawlers are ideal for transport of heavy surface-mining equipment such as head or tail stations of conveyor systems or semi-mobile crushing plants. Crawler capacity ranges from a payload rating of 250 metric tons (mt) to 1,200 mt, with gradeability of up to 20 %. The main component of the machine is its substructure, featuring dual travel gear that is rigidly connected on smaller crawler models; however, hinged crawler girders are used in crawlers of 500 mt or more capacity. The lifting platform, including a centric guide, is located on top of the substructure and supports itself by means of hydraulic cylinders anchored on the substructure. An optional operator’s cabin is available, allowing transporter control from onboard or remotely by radio control. All Takraf transport crawlers are diesel hydraulically driven. Takraf said that it has, to date, developed, designed and built nine transport crawlers.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 02 -