Twin-boom Underground Drill Rig is Highly Configurable

Poland-based underground mining equipment builder Mine Master’s self-propelled, diesel-hydraulic Face Master 2.3 drill rig offers a modular, compact design that enables the rig to be configured in a number of arrangements to fit site-specific requirements. The Face Master 2.3, according to the company, has been used at more than two dozen projects ranging from development drilling for block caving and sublevel stoping operations, to commercial tunneling applications. It is a twinboom rig with 50-m2 coverage, and is equipped with a power shift four-wheeldrive transmission. The range of options offered allows it to be configured with dual telescoping feeders, or one telescoping and one fixed feeder, or one feeder and one service basket; a fixed or extendable operator protection canopy; an enclosed, heated and air-conditioned cab; and standard hole flushing as well as air-mist or pure air flushing systems. The rigs, Mine Master said, provide excellent mobility when maneuvering in difficult terrain or tramming in narrow headings.

As featured in Womp 2014 Vol 01 -