Diamond Bit Effective in Hard Ground

Boart Longyear describes its new 10UMX bit as a high-performance diamond coring bit with the freest-cutting matrix available, enabling the bit to penetrate the hardest rock formations in extreme conditions, according to the company.

UMX bits are engineered to outperform existing bit technology in a wide range of drilling conditions and ground formations. UMX bits use advanced metallurgical formulas to provide increased penetration capabilities, turning easily from one ground formation to another. The optimized life of the UMX bits translates to less tripping and increased productivity.

UMX bits also utilize Boart Longyear’s patented stage waterway design. The geometry of these windows sustains the integrity of the bit through the entire life of the bit, allowing for a variety of crown heights including the original 25 mm, providing maximum bit life. The Twin-Taper design dramatically improves surface flushing, forcing debris through the windows while keeping the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner diameter.

The razorcut protrusions on the face of the bit contain diamonds that enable the bit to begin cutting right out of the box. The arrangement of these protrusions also improves the tracking and balance in the hole when drilling begins.


As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 09 - www.womp-int.com