Cleats Improve Rubbertracked Carrier Performance

Terramac has introduced custom-made, removable cleats for its RT9 rubber track crawler carrier. The steel cleats provide a solution for crews working in icy or snowcovered terrain, on extremely muddy ground or whenever additional traction is required. The RT9 carrier may be used to mount exploration drills, spray booms for dust control or other equipment as needed. According to the company, unlike traditional screw-on spikes, these bolt-on, boltoff cleats do not harm the track; the design uses a bolt that is designed to shear off cleanly when a cleat begins binding—a feature that not only protects the track but also reduces downtime and other costs for the user. Customers should be able to add or remove the cleats in-house in about an hour depending on the number required. The company recommends that 16 cleats be installed on each track, with a minimum of eight per track.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 09 -