Remote-control Crawler Drill

Hütte Bohrtechnik has introduced a selfcontained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig model. Similar in size to its HBR 203 model, the radio remote-controlled Hütte HBR 202 can be powered by an onboard electric motor or diesel engine, without need for a separate power supply. Although the 202 shares the same undercarriage and telescoping mast as the 203, the HBR 202 also offers unique kinematics resulting from an upper structure that rotates 140° left and right and extends fore and aft 350 mm. Another feature is a new 3-speed low profile rotary head that provides 21,000 ft-lb of torque, with a clearance requirement to the front face of less than 12 in. (305 mm). The telescopic drill mast provides a feed length from 4 to 8 ft (1.2 to 2.4 m) with a feed force of 8,500 lb (38 kN) and pullback of 14,000 lb (62 kN). All drill movements from tramming to mast positioning are “softly”controlled through a 32-gpm loadsensing piston pump. The electric version of the HBR 202 features a 74-hp (55-kW) motor requiring a 440/480-v, 60-Hz, three-phase power source. A version of the 202 equipped with a 100-hp (74.5-kW) diesel engine will soon be available as well. The HBR line has a wide application range that includes overburden and rock drilling, augering, coring, exploration drilling, geothermal drilling and injection drilling.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 08 -