Ruukki Expands its Range of Raex Wear-resistant Steels

Ruukki's Raex wear-resistant steels are now available in a greater range of thicknesses up to 80 mm, expanding their
suitability for use in fabrication of heavy duty mining equipment components.
Helsinki, Finland-based steelmaker Ruukki said its line of wear-resistant special steels has been expanded to include thicker wear-resistant steels needed, for example, in the mining industry. Raex special steel is now available in a range of thicknesses from 2 mm to 80 mm.

According to the company, thicker Raex steels up to 80 mm can be used to manufacture parts for heavy machinery and equipment designed for excavation, loading, transporting and crushing ore in mines. Such parts include the buckets for excavators and front-end loaders, tipper bodies for heavy earthmoving machinery, mine conveyor systems, crushers, silos and hoppers.

The consistent quality of Raex steels, said the company, can significantly prolong the life of mining machinery and equipment. Plus, selecting the optimum thickness of Raex wear-resistant steel in the manufacture of buckets and tipper bodies, can help to reduce the overall weight of the equipment itself and thus increase the payload, which in turn cuts fuel consumption.

Raex wear-resistant steels have been developed in cooperation with Ruukki’s customers and are claimed to have excellent cutting, bending and welding properties. Made using a direct quenching method developed by Ruukki, Raex wear-resistant steels have a hard steel surface and strong microstructure. The method improves the properties of wear-resistant steels and makes them consistent in quality.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 08 -