System Helps Shovel Operators Avoid Track Damage

Joy Global says its newly introduced Track Shield Collision detection and mitigation system is the first dipper-to-track collisionavoidance technology solution available for electric mining shovels, for which repeated dipper-track strikes are a major contributor to reduced crawler shoe life and structural cracking. This condition results in unplanned and unbudgeted shoe, pin and hardware replacements. Long term, it can also mean more costly repairs to crawler frames and carbody structures. “Dippers are increasingly becoming larger and deeper. Mining operations in applications such as oil sands require wider tracks to provide flotation,” said Eric Hsieh, product manager– technology at Joy Global Surface Mining. “Under these circumstances it is difficult even for the most experienced operators to avoid repeated dipper-track strikes.”

According to the company, the Track Shield system uses mathematical modeling and prediction based on readings from sensory devices and the shovel’s Centurion electrical control system to monitor and minimize impact of dipper strikes to the dipper and crawler shoes. The system, according to Joy Global, can give shovel operators the confidence to maintain machine speed for optimum cycle times, and can also assist new operators by guiding them in where they need to be in respect to distance to the digging face for proper fill factors.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 07 -