Coring Rig Monitors Itself for Efficiency and Safety

Boart Longyear has released its next generation exploration drill, the LF120A surface coring rig. The semi-automated rig features a hands-free operating system and self-monitoring technology, with critical information displayed on a large LCD screen that leads operators through startup, drilling and troubleshooting procedures. According to the company, common mistakes are avoided when the system alerts operators whenever defined parameters are exceeded. The LF120A also features a “hands-free” rod handling system comprising a rod handler, an autoadjusting breakout tool an innovative hoist plug spinner, and a wireless remote that allows the operator to control the process from a safe position. The rod handler provides 270° pick-up capability, 2-m height adjustment, 180° rollover and 100° slew—a level of flexibility that allows the handler to access the rod supply regardless of where rods are located around the drill. The LF120A also introduces an open-face mast design, which encloses rotating parts and applies unified guarding at the operator’s level. Rig depth capacity is 1,200 m NQ with a pullback capacity of 16,000 kg (35,872 lb) and a hoist capacity of 9,071 kg (20,000 lb). The rig can be jack, skid, truck or crawler mounted to match the portability needs of the user.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 05 -