New Cat Hammers Retain Popular Features

Caterpillar has added three models to the E Series Hammer line—H140Es, H160Es and H180Es—for use on medium and large excavators ranging from its 324E to the 374D L. The energy classes of the H140Es, H160Es and H18Es are 6,000 ft-lb (8,135 J), 8,500 ft-lb (11,525 J) and 12,000 ft-lb (16,270 J), respectively. The E Series Hammers build on the proven D Series Hammers, which the new hammers replace. E Series Hammers feature a new symmetrical housing design, which allows rotating the housing 180° to compensate for wear. The lower portion incorporates rock edges that add protection to the hous-ing and enable quick positioning of boul-ders. An optional wear package is available to improve hammer durability in severe applications. Features carried over from the D Series include automatic shut-off, which instantly stops the hammer when the tool breaks through material. The system increases hammer reliability and durability by eliminating high internal stresses creat-ed by blank firing. Another feature contin-ued in each E Series Hammer is the exter-nal pressure control valve, which reduces service time when an adjustment is neces-sary. The E Series Hammers are designed to be field serviceable with common hand tools. Sound suppression is standard for environmental protection and operator comfort. The new hammers’ settings are preprogrammed in Cat excavator tool con-trol systems for easy set up. Oil flow and pressure are fully adjustable in the tool con-trol program, and actual hammer working hours can be recorded for routine mainte-nance purposes.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 04 -