IIBG Studying Possible North American Plants

An affiliate of Russian steel producer OAO Severstal is considering the possibility of building a granulated iron facility in Nova Scotia, using technology
developed by International Mineral Beneficiation Services. IMBS has applied the technology in a pilot plant (left) and a commercial plant (right) located
in Phalaborwa, South Africa.
International Iron Beneficiation Group Ltd. (IIBG), an affiliate of Russia-based OAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading verti-cally integrated steel and steel-related-min-ing companies, has launched a preliminary feasibility study to consider the viability of building a granulated iron facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Other locations under active consideration in North America include Sept-Îles, Quebec, and sites in Minnesota, Kentucky and Indiana in the United States.

Potential plants to be built at these loca-tions would use an innovative process devel-oped by the International Mineral Bene-ficiation Services (IMBS) based in South Africa. The IMBS process converts superfine iron ore into metallic iron units without the need for agglomeration. The final product would be used for steel production, mostly in electric arc furnaces as an effective substi-tute for scrap. The IMBS process is cost effi-cient and has lower environmental impacts than traditional processes.

IIBG’s decision as to whether the loca-tions under consideration will be developed and in what sequence within the context of an overall North American strategy will depend on the results of the respective fea-sibility studies and the successful launch of the first commercial plant utilizing IMBS technology in Phalaborwa, South Africa. IMBS is leading the Phalaborwa plant construction, where Severstal holds a 33% stake.

“IIBG emphasizes at this time that the company is conducting the necessary due diligence to determine the feasibility and priority of potential sites. IIBG cautions and confirms that no final commitments can be made at this very early stage of the business development process,” said IIBG CEO Dmitry Solomin.

The feasibility study for a possible Sydney, Nova Scotia, plant will be initiated first, to be followed by investigation of other sites during the course of 2013. A decision on whether to proceed with a pro-ject and its sequence will be made at the completion of these studies.

As featured in Womp 2013 Vol 04 - www.womp-int.com