Grader Simulator Provides Authentic Training Experience

Simformotion, a developer of heavy-equipment simulator training solutions, recently released its new Cat Simulators M-Series motor grader system. The new motor grader simulation trainer is set in a construction environment where opera-tors can learn the same machine applica-tions found on actual worksites.

Training experience is delivered through the use of authentic controls combined with simulated applications. The M-Series motor grader simulator teaches controls familiarization, how to perform a machine walkaround, straight frame operation, articulated turning, crab steering, rough and finish grading, v-ditching, ripping, scarifying and also includes a special open training mode. Exclusive to Cat Simulators is SimU Campus software that records and reports the results of all simulation ses-sions so instructors and users can track trainee progress. Hundreds of bench-marks based on Caterpillar expert opera-tors are included in the system, with the operator’s performance measured against these benchmarks and outcomes record-ed to a database.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 12 -