Diamond Bit Line for Shallow Holes

Boart Longyear has launched the GTUMX diamond coring bit as the latest addition to its Ultramatrix (UMX) line. The GTUMX is designed for shallow holes and conventional drilling for both explo-ration and geo-technical applications. According to the company, the ability to drill faster with high penetration rates and to outperform existing bit technology in a wide range of ground formations makes the GTUMX ideal for customers seeking an affordable alternative to their current bit selection. GTUMX diamond coring bits features the Boart Longyear UMX formula. UMX bits use an advanced metallurgical formula that is impregnat-ed with large synthetic diamonds. The formula optimizes high penetration capa-bilities with longer bit life and allows the GTUMX to turn easily from one ground formation to another. GTUMX also fea-tures the Razorcut design on the face of the bit, designed to expedite diamond exposure and allow the bit to begin cut-ting right out of the box. Wide tapered waterways improve surface flushing and cutting while reducing wear on the inner-diameter of the bit, particularly in bro-ken, abrasive conditions. Boart Longyear will launch an AXT size GTUMX bit first in the South Africa region, followed by additional bit size releases and expansion into the Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America regions.


As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 12 - www.womp-int.com