Advanced Flotation Cell Control

Blue Cube Systems, which specializes in real-time in-line measurement of mineral grade using an inherently safe technology, recently launched its latest product, TempoTrack, which is designed to measure the froth height from the lip of a flotation cell, the tempo at which the froth runs over the lip of the cell, and froth stability based on the bubble bursting rate. With this sys-tem, controlling a bank of flotation cells without inspection by an operator is now possible, according to the company. The information provided by TempoTrack enables calculation of the relative air recovery per unit cell lip length. It can be used in conjunction with an installed MQi Slurry System or independently to optimize a bank of flotation cells. When used together with the MQi Slurry System, it determines which of the contributing flota-tion cells are causing a drop in grade or an increase in impurities.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 11 -