Lift System Allows Safe, Efficient Dozer Undercarriage Maintenance

Enerpac’s DLS Series lift system, designed specifically for Caterpillar D11 and D10 dozers, is claimed to provide safety, effi-ciency and flexibility for servicing and maintaining heavyweight bulldozers. According to Enerpac, the system is designed to lift and lower a dozer synchro-nously between all lift points regardless of weight distribution, and is ideal for track and side frame maintenance while requir-ing only a single operator to manage the lifting process. The DLS features a four-point, custom synchronous lift system with two separate lifting units that can be easi-ly moved into position at opposite ends of a dozer. Each lifting unit includes two hydraulically operated jacks with motorized locking rings. The jacks are bolted to a rolling cart with fork pockets and retractable wheels.

The front and rear lifting jacks are driv-en by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and controls that include a 25-ft-long (8-m) pendant for operator mobility and safety. The HPU and controls are contained in a rolling cabinet that includes storage for cable reels and hoses. The system can monitor and control a maximum of four lift-ing points simultaneously, and a user-friendly color touch screen mounted inside the cabinet enables the operator to remote-ly monitor key lifting information, such as lifting height and load.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 11 -