New Curtain Material for Underground Use

ABC Industries has developed what it claims is a first-of-its-kind, 45 oz/yd 2 (1,526 g/m 2) clear ‘fly pad’ material in response to the mining industry’s grow-ing need for heavier, more durable fly pad treatments. Fly pads made with ABC’s AirStop clear fabric or heavy-weight VentaTex brattice construction allow for safe travel in underground envi-ronments by supplying visibility for vehi-cle traffic in crosscut areas. The new AS4500 and AS4550 fly pads are specifically designed for applications where a high volume of air movement is present. The enhanced heavyweight material will hang straight and seal in instances where lighter-weight material will be affected by air flow. The AS4500 and AS4550 are composed of window-clear film and are available in 54-in.-wide (137-cm) rolls. Widths of 7-ft (213-cm) and larger are available for AS4500 in ABC’s exclusive “Dual” con-struction. AS4550 features 2x2 scrim reinforcement for added durability.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 10 -