Improved Slide Gate Valve

Vortex Valves’ patented HDP slide gate has been used in a wide variety of appli-cations to handle sticky and/or abrasive powders in systems with positive pres-sures up to 75 psig (5 bar). The com-pany recently released the HDPV2, which it says offers significant enhance-ments over the original design, such as a wider bonnet that eliminates a dead pocket where material could potentially build up. Other design changes include a longer body frame to allow easier inspection and replacement of seals and wear parts while the gate remains in service. The new unit also includes a replaceable nylon insert on the rising clevis, which allows for easy and inex-pensive maintenance. A unique ramp design offers a shimming system that compensates for seal wear over time. The valve’s design incorporates an O-ring seal through the bonnet and utilizes reusable precut gaskets to eliminate material leakage to atmosphere. The air cylinder mount is cast into the frame, which reduces potential areas where leakage could occur.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 10 -