Vibratory Ripper for Big Dozers

BRON introduced a new line of vibratory rippers for dozers up to 1,200 hp, designed to work in applications in compacted soil, shale, limestone rock and coal. The BRON 4000 vibratory ripper serves multiple industries, including mining, road construction and utility. The vertical mounted shaker creates a hammer chisel with the single blade, making it easier to cut through hard compact con-ditions. The patent-pending BRON 4000 vibratory ripper is a direct pin-on attachment with engineered mounts for most makes and models of dozers up to 200,000 lb, including the Cat D10T bull-dozers. Heavy built construction of the BRON 4000 vibratory rip-per keeps the dozer balanced for ripping material. All components are fabricated using high strength steel that stands up to abrasion for high wear resistance, including the blade. The blade uses exist-ing Cat tooth and guard. The first recipient of the BRON 4000 vibratory ripper has already reported significant productivity gains compared to ripping without a vibratory unit.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 07 -