Mobile Conveyor Built for Heap Leach Applications

The TeleStacker Conveyor from Superior Industries is a heavy-duty telescoping radi-al stacking conveyor that is claimed to offer the ability to stockpile 30% more material per move than similar radial stackers, and an operating tonnage ranging from 200 to 5,000 t/h. The machine is available as a specially configured Mine Duty model designed and built for the mining industry, and heap leaching applications in particu-lar. A key element of the TeleStacker design is the patented FB Undercarriage support system, which is constructed of durable steel and features a tubular braced structure to prevent twisting and shifting. Further enhancing the safety and stability of the entire machine is the strategic placement of standard hydraulic cylinders, placed on the outside of the undercarriage for units up to 150 ft (46 m) long or on the inside for those units greater than 150 ft. To ensure mobility and flotation over diffi-cult terrain, the TeleStacker can be equipped with steel tracks that are attached to Superior’s patented FD Series axle. The combination, according to Superior, enables fast, easy transition from radial to linear travel modes. The operator is able to simply lower the FD tracks into position to access the stacker’s radial model or hydraulically lift them up for lin-ear travel.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 06 -