Screening Media Resists Impact Damage and Pegging

Major Wire Industries claims its Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire high-performance, self-clean-ing screen helps mining operations in-crease production when screening high-impact, heavy and abrasive material on top decks. The side-by-side wire design adds a slight spring to the wire that absorbs impact from heavy material or when it is dropped from a longer distance. Flex-Mat 3 vibrating wire technology, combined with this side-by-side wire design, increases screen capacity and throughput, while eliminating pegging on top decks and the “popcorn effect” often seen when single wire is used to screen high-impact and heavy materials. Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire’s two wires lie flat against each other, so crimps do not protrude upward and inter-fere with material flow, and the flat screen surface extends wear life up to three times when compared with traditional woven wire with high wear spots.

According to the manufacturer, its Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire uses the same screen media technology as traditional Flex-Mat 3, which provides up to 30% more screen capacity than woven wire and up to 50% more screen capacity than polyurethane and rubber panels. Polyurethane strips bond individual wires as they run from hook to hook and allow them to vibrate independently at different frequencies, eliminating blinding, pegging and clog-ging. In addition, the independently vibrat-ing wire technology increases product throughput by up to 40% over traditional woven wire and polyurethane or rubber panels. Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire is avail-able in wire diameters up to 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) and opening sizes up to 4 in. (101.6 mm). Made from OptimumWire, which is manufactured with high carbon and man-ganese content to provide an optimum combination of ductility, hardness and ten-sile strength, Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire is less susceptible to breaking in high-impact conditions with highly abrasive materials.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 06 -