High-power Separator Rolls Provide a Purer Product

Eriez’s Rare Earth Roll Separators use high-performance magnets to recover weakly magnetic mineral
particles ranging from fines up to 13-mm diameter.

Increasingly stringent product specifi-cations require more efficient separa-tion methods, and Eriez claims its Rare Earth (RE) Roll Separators provide peak separation efficiency to ensure excep-tional product purity.

“Our new and stronger permanent magnetic separators provide a more efficient alternative for handling a wide variety of materials that do not respond well to traditional methods of separa-tion,” said Dave Heubel, director of North American sales. “Our RE Roll Separators bring together extraordinary magnetic strength and superior product design, enabling this equipment to meet even the toughest customer chal-lenges. These separators are essential in response to new advances in materi-als and specifications. Increasingly, there is a demand for higher purity feedstocks.”

RE Rolls are constructed with neo-dymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets that are claimed to offer at least 10 times the attractive force of conventional magnets. The high-gradient magnetic circuit includes a variety of proprietary items designed to produce a magnetic field in excess of 21,000 gauss. These highly magnetic rolls are capable of recovering weakly magnetic particles, and will handle feeds from 0.5-in. (13 mm) to very fine materials.

Eriez RE Rolls are available in 3-, 4-and 6-in. (76. 102 and 152-mm) diam-eter rolls. Roll widths range from 5 to 60 in. (127 to 1,524 mm). A unique cantilever design allows quick belt replacement, requiring only one opera-tor. The standard belting is Teflon-coat-ed, graphite-filled Kevlar with thick-nesses of five and 10 mils.

The units are available in single-, double- and triple-stage versions with either non-magnetic or magnetic-rerun.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 05 - www.womp-int.com