Transportable Refuge Shelter

MineARC Systems recently launched a new, ultra-portable refuge chamber range designed for tight underground confines such as single entry-headings and development areas: the HRM-ELVP (Hard Rock Mine—Extra Low Voltage Portable). Available in both four- and six-person configurations, the HRM-ELVP range uses a low-voltage control system to power the chamber’s internal life sup-port systems, requiring no permanent connection to main mine electrical power and needing recharging only once every three months. Both the HRM4-ELVP and 6-ELVP can be positioned and repositioned with ease, which is ideal for development areas, according to MineARC, which claims the operational flexibility of the HRM-ELVP range, along with its small robust design, allow it to be located where standard refuge cham-bers can’t, providing personnel working in confined areas with a safe place of refuge should an emergency situation arise. The HRM-ELVP range will supersede the HRM-PLP (Powerless Portable) range from MineARC Systems.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 04 -