Goonyella to Abbot Point Rail Project: On Track

Australia’s BHP Billiton is studying the con-struction of its own dedicated rail line from the Goonyella mine to a proposed BHP Billiton coal export terminal at Abbot Point. This infrastructure will ultimately allow the export of up to 60 million metric tons (mt) of metallurgical coal annually.

The continuing BHP Billiton study has identified a single proposed rail corridor in consultation with local landowners in the region.“We have been working closely with local landowners, many of whom have lived on the same properties for decades,” said BHP Billiton Metallurgical Coal President Hubie van Dalsen. “Some landowners have previously expressed concerns about the effect of multiple proposed rail corridors on landholdings. We have listened to their concerns and acted on the advice of the Queensland Government in pursuing a common corridor which could be used by other proponents.” Local knowledge is pro-viding a critical perspective on potential issues like stock crossings, flooding and environmental issues in determining the proposed corridor, van Dalsen explained. To date, BHP Billiton has negotiated access for study purposes with more than 85% of landowners, taking a long-term view in developing the relationships.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 02 -