Advanced Design Enhances Drill Bit Efficiency

Rockmore International’s new B6 drill bit is intended to increase drilling efficiency and reduce operating costs for hardrock drilling and blasting in tunneling opera-tions. The bit’s new design is claimed to prolong bit life and increase drilling pene-tration rates by incorporating enhance-ments in the bit face design and improve-ments in the configuration of cutting geometry. Offered in 45-mm (1.75-in.) head diameter—the most popular tunnel-ing blasthole dimension—the B6 is a but-ton bit with six large tungsten carbide inserts on the periphery row for enhanced rockbreaking characteristics. The inserts are about 1 mm larger in diameter com-pared with previous models, leading to longer bit life. The B6 also incorporates changes in flushing design, such as place-ment of grooves and flutes designed to effectively carry rock cuttings away from the bit face. Multiple flutes are placed strategically between all button inserts to maximize the flow of the flushing medium carrying the cuttings. Such enhancements in the bit face flushing design, according to Rockmore, contribute greatly to penetra-tion rates since the rock cuttings evacuate the drilled hole more efficiently.

As featured in Womp 2012 Vol 01 -