Trapezoidal Drilling System Labeled Toughest Ever

Atlas Copco introduced a patented Tthread drilling system called T-WiZ, which it says has been designed to be the toughest trapezoidal T-thread system on the market. It features a stronger thread surface and other proprietary improvements to provide less wear on the threads and faster rod changes, with results indicating up to a 30% longer service life.

According to the company, the new system is capable of high performance in the toughest rock formations, including fractured rock that could result in off-line drilling or over-stressed threads. In addition, T-WiZ provides better thread efficiency and greater thread stability for quicker rod changes. Atlas Copco notes the system's standard trapezoidal T-threaded profiles allow operators to use T-WiZ components with standard T-threaded components, but the claimed longer service life can only be achieved when the complete drill string is made up of T-WiZ products. Key elements in the system's longer life include the stronger thread surface and other proprietary improvements to the drill rods and striking bars. T-WiZ components are provided in three dimensions: T- 38, T-45 and T-51 threaded (M/F) speedrods and shank adapters.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 09 -