Pumps Solve High-head and High-flow Needs

Weir Minerals Multiflo, recognizing a growing demand for heavy-duty, high-head, high-flow, self-priming pumps, has added two new models to its self-priming diesel pump range. Both models feature direct drive, with performance matched to their Cat C18 diesel engines, and both models are built using corrosive-resistant and abrasion- resistant materials. Also, being based on common platforms allows both models to provide operators greater flexibility. The Multiflo MF-90V is a high-flow, bare-shaft pump with best efficiency point at 350 l/sec at 90 m of head (77 gal at 295 ft), and can be swapped out for the MF- 210MV high-head, bare-shaft pump with best efficiency point at 139 l/sec at 210 m of head (31 gal at 690 ft).


As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 09 - www.womp-int.com