Dry Shotcrete Machine for Low-roof Underground Spaces

Blastcrete Equipment says its new transportable Mine Mate is designed to mix and pump concrete material for underground mine sealing and stabilization, grouting and various other shotcrete applications. Mine Mate, which applies wet-mix shotcrete instead of dry, features a compact, low-profile configuration that allows it to operate within a 4-ft ceiling; a 3-in. high-pressure swing tube pump; and a high-shear continuous mixer. The unit is capable of mixing and pumping 12 yd3/hr, and can handle aggregate up to 3/8 in. diameter. Offering piston face pressure of 2,200 psi, it can pump material in excess of 500 ft, horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the hydraulic pump can run in reverse to eliminate line pressure from the delivery line should a hose-plug occur. An optional hydraulic pressure washer is available for quick cleaning. Available power options include a Kubota 66-hp water-cooled diesel engine or 50-hp electric motor with starter and disconnect. The machine can also be equipped with a material screw conveyor, with bin indicator for charging the continuous mixer. The Mine Mate's X-10 pump is CE certified to comply with European Union safety standards.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 06 - www.womp-int.com