Cut- and Impact-resistant Hauler Tire

Michelin Earthmover has unveiled the XDR2 tire, designed for use on rigid dump trucks in severe mine and quarry conditions. Offering up to 20% more tread life than its predecessor the XDR, the new model is currently available in 27R49 size with additional sizes to become available later in 2011. According to Michelin, in addition to increased tread life, the XDR2 tire also provides 10% thicker undertread between the protective plies and tread base for better cut and impact resistance. A new self-cleaning tread pattern combines full-depth blocks, a 13% larger central lug (compared with the XDR) and a non-directional design to provide increased cut protection, a larger contact patch as the tire wears, and sculptured cooling vents to keep running temperatures low. The XDR2 also incorporates Michelin’s C2 technology in the casing to provide an overall cooler operating temperature without compromising operating speed or load carrying capacity. The XDR2’s steel protective plies are 60% stronger than its predecessor’s, and features twice the sidewall thickness to resist cuts and abrasions.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 05 -