Explosion-proof Motor Line

Siemens’ newest addition to its electric motor line is the XP100 series, rated from 1–300 hp (0.75–223 kW) and designed specifically for hazardous operating environments. The XP100 motors are NEMA Premium qualified, UL and CSA-listed for gas and dust ignition-proof environments and are suitable for Division 1, Class I, Groups C and D, Class II, Groups F and G hazardous area classifications. All motors feature a cast iron frame and bearing housings for high structural strength, as well as epoxy enamel paint, polycarbonate cooling fan, non-hygroscopic insulation, corrosion resistant hardware and stainless steel nameplate to reduce the effects of industrial contaminants, moisture and extreme weather conditions. Each die-cast aluminum rotor assembly is balanced for extended bearing life and includes a high-strength carbon steel shaft for maximum performance. According to the company, the motors’ stator insulation system design and components combine for an anti-corona system that can withstand voltage spikes caused by fast-switching IGBTs from adjustable speed drives.


As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 05 - www.womp-int.com