Quebec's Plan Nord Targets Economic Development

Representatives of various government agencies, organizations and companies are introduced at a
May 9, 2011, press conference announcing Quebec's $80-billion plan for economic development of the
province's northern region. (Photo courtesy of MRNF)

The government of Quebec has announced Plan Nord, which targets $80-billion in public and private investment over a 25-year period that would include mining, energy, forests, wildlife, tourism and bio-food sources. Government statements announcing the plan did not offer specific development information.

"The Plan Nord, one of the biggest projects in Quebec's history, seeks to shape and develop a new economic space with enormous potential. Through its scope and the extent of its spinoff, the Plan Nord will benefit all regions of Quebec and all sectors of our economy," said Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

The plan is projected to create or consolidate, on average, 20,000 jobs a year over a 25-year period and to generate $14 billion in revenues for the government. Regarding mine development, the plan is expected to "facilitate the realization of 11 new investment projects, promote the discovery of new deposits, and create an environment favorable to investors."

"Northern Quebec has incomparable mining potential. Eleven mining projects will be carried out in the coming years in the territory that the Plan Nord covers. The projects will engender $8.24 billion in investments and create 11,000 jobs during the construction phase, then nearly 4,000 jobs a year once they are in operation. The opening up of vast, previously unexplored territories is paving the way for unprecedented economic growth, a new golden age in the Quebec mining sector, which will be a veritable driving force in wealth creation for local communities and all Quebecers," said Serge Simard, Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife and Minister responsible for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and the Côte-Nord region.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 05 -