Froth Pump Won’t Airlock

GIW Industries says its new High Volume Froth (HVF) pump can pump froth without airlocking—a new hydraulic design actual- ly removes air from the impeller eye while the pump is running. The GIW HVF, which can be retrofitted into many existing froth applications, features a de-aeration system that includes a patent-pending vented impeller and airlock venting. This helps to eliminate sump overflow due to pump air- lock, reduces downtime and allows water use to be restricted to the bare minimum. Fewer pumps are required for less capital expense, requiring less water and power usage. According to GIW, the pump has been fully tested on both froth and viscous liquids. Designed for air-entrained slurries, the pump has many possible applications in mining, including phosphate and oil sands as well as hard-rock operations.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 04 -