Jumbo Jacks for Heavy Duty Lifting

Equipment Supply Co. (ESCO) has added high tonnage/high lift jacks to its line of heavy duty hydraulic lifting equipment. Five new models are available with lifting capac- ity of 100–250 tons. All models are air/hydraulic powered and are balanced for easy moving on 13-in. pneumatic tires/ wheels. Lift extension saddles are stored in the jack base for easy adjustments to various lifting heights of 5, 9 and 12 in. Stacking aluminum safety locking rings are an option, as is air-powered wheel drive for ease of positioning. All models are built with heavy duty lifting holes. Each jack has a maximum width of 23 in., allowing it to fit into tight clearance spaces. Lifting stroke on the five models ranges from 14.5 to 22.75 in.


As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 01 - www.womp-int.com