Prevent Air Line Freezeups

According to the suppliers of Polar-Lube, most air tool and pneumatic control users are unaware that air lines can freeze up at 40°F. As the pressure drops from 100 psi down to atmosphere through the tool or valve the compressed air, which is always at 100% humidity, super-cools rapidly and can freeze up the equipment. Polar-Lube technology replaces the regular lubricant in the FRL unit and prevents freezing from occurring. Simply adding it to a frozen tool inlet will unfreeze the tool. It is claimed to protect airlines down to -60°F, and is said to be well-suited for any unheated space applications in mills and plants. According to the manufacturer, it lubricates and will not affect O-rings, seals, rotor blades, bowls or hoses, and is compatible with all manufacturers’ drop, mist or automatic lubricators.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 01 -