Largest Jaw Crusher in Hydra-Jaw Line

Telsmith is preparing to introduce its newest jaw crusher, the H3244 Hydra- Jaw—the largest model to date within the Telsmith Hydra-Jaw Series. Engineered with a true 32-in. (813-mm) gape and 44-in. (1,118-mm) width, the H3244 is designed to accept larger feed but can be mounted on portable plants or modular fixed struc- ture assemblies. Telsmith says its Hydra- Jaw toggle design provides hydraulic tramp iron relief with automatic reset, chamber clearing, and push-button setting adjust- ments. With finger-tip operation in the con- trol house or from a remote location, these hydraulic systems eliminate costly down- time and prevent component damage, while also protecting workers from risks typ- ically associated with clearing the crusher.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 01 -