New DTH Hammers Have Fewer Parts for Simpler Service, Lower Costs

Rockmore International’s latest additions to its ROK Series DTH Hammer product line are the ROK 500 and 500Q 127-mm (5-in.) diameter class hammers. Rock- more says its innovative design reduces the number of hammer components, thus reducing the amount of component wear points, making hammer service simpler and less expensive. The ROK 500 is rated for use with large compressors (24.1 bar / 350 psi at 28.6 m3/min / 1,038 scfm) while the ROK 500Q is designed for small- er compressors (24.1 bar / 350 psi at 23.4 m3/min / 850 scfm). Both units employ Rockmore’s patented SonicFlow technolo- gy which is claimed to optimize airflow by streamlining the air path to minimize backflow and turbulence, delivering more energy to the piston. Unique lead threads on the top sub and driver sub ensure easy coupling and uncoupling of the hammer, while optional back-reaming buttons on the top sub offer increased drill life. The ROK 500 and 500Q accept industry stan- dard bits with 12-spline Ingersoll Rand QL5 / QL50 shanks. Recommended bit sizes range from 140 to 152 mm (5.5 to 6 in). These hammers are offered with multiple pin connection options, including 2-3/8-in. API, 3-1/2-in. API and Cubex 28-pin with splines.

As featured in Womp 2011 Vol 01 -